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Career Opportunities for Exceptional Physicians

Rural hospitals are facing a crisis. With fewer and fewer doctors choosing to practice outside urban centers, the quality of care for millions of Americans is suffering. Rural Surgical Associates is working to re-imagine the future of rural medicine with a model that brings highly skilled, on-site care to hospitals and patients that would otherwise be forced to travel many hours from home to have their medical needs met.

If you are an excellent physician and have considered practicing rural medicine, a career with Rural Surgical Associates might be a perfect fit. Please see our current job opportunities below.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional physicians to join our team. If you are interested in finding out more about Rural Surgical Associates and our current career opportunities, please fill out the form on our Contact page and we will be in touch soon!

About Rural Surgical Associates

The idea for a new model of surgical care in small, single community provider hospitals derived from the experience of supplying imaging services in multiple rural locations in New Mexico beginning in 2006. Rural Radiology Associates developed a rotational model directed at both providing high quality and experienced general radiologists to small hospitals, but also allowing the doctors to have a more balanced life with control of their schedules and allowing individuals to work on a part time basis, but consistently at one or two locations in periods of one or two week blocks.

Rural Surgical Associates began providing service to Alta Vista Regional Hospital in Las Vegas, NM in December of 2017 with the concept of covering the hospital 24/7/365 and having four to five general surgeons on staff with rotations of 10 days/month on a consistent and recurring basis. The idea was to stop the use of locum tenens providers or substitute surgeons, and to significantly decrease transfer rates of patients to larger urban hospitals whenever possible. The other side benefits for the small (54 bed) acute care hospital involved decreasing the previously high ratio of endoscopy to actual general surgical procedures and to allow for more subspecialty expertise through having more than one surgeon working regularly with different areas of interest and expertise aside from basic “bread and butter” surgeries.

Rural Surgical Associates has been primarily recruiting board certified general surgeons who have been in practice over ten years and with skills both in endoscopy and surgery and who are interested in rural medicine. Currently, we have six general surgeons on staff with varied levels of subspecialty expertise from minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopic hernia repairs to colorectal fellowship training, etc.

Our original mission was to provide general surgery coverage, but we are now branching into Orthopedic and Urological surgery with the same rotational models of coverage. We are currently running outpatient clinics and providing service to the Emergency Department and for inpatient care at the hospital.

Our goal is to branch out to multiple locations in rural settings and to confine our work to hospitals that are in the range of 50 beds or less in size that would like full service surgical coverage for the community the hospital serves. Although we are capable of going to any hospital in the U.S. we are currently concentrating on NM and surrounding states.

Rural Surgical Associates of Las Vegas
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